Javaid discusses Public Health and Tiktok

the i-value By Javaid Iqbal Public Health and TikTok Facebook is for sharing important milestones in your life, like getting married or having a baby, and Twitter is for political ranting. Instagram and Snapchat are for popularity contests. While TikTok has a certain simplicity, a place that lets you be goofy and others join you […]

Bibi Chaterpateah explains why maternal mental health continues to be worse in the United States

Thriving Beyond By Bibi Chaterpateah Maternal Mental Health Continues to Be Worse in the United States ​ Mental health is a significant contributor to women’s health and wellbeing, especially during pregnancy. Mental health wellbeing has severe implications for both the mother and the baby. The COVID-19 pandemic has imposed significant challenges contributing to the worsened […]

Ankit Raj introduces his blog, “Bihar and Public Health”

Rural Bihar - Image Credits: Dr. Ankit Raj

Lessons from Bihar By Dr. Ankit Raj Bihar and Public Health- An Introduction The peculiar events, characters, and institutions that will be the subject of one-half of this blog series belong to a non-descript region in the eastern part of India. Non-descript not because it has no distinct qualities, features, or people but because years […]

Cordella Lyon explores how routine HIV screening can end the HIV epidemic

Caring Connections of Southeast Texas By Cordella Lyon, RN Routine HIV testing should be included as a regular aspect of care in all healthcare settings. With routine HIV testing when can test 90% of our population. Link 90% of PLWH to care. Assist 90% of those who are in care to achieve viral suppression, and […]

Naomi Fukuda shares her first-hand experience with the dental-medical divide

Oral Health and Medicine: Separate Not Equal By: Naomi Fukuda Vlog #1: Introduction to the Dental-Medical Divide and my Firsthand Experience Image from: Previous Next Images from Pexels. Video Clip Sources:  Pexels Tima Miroshnichenko cottonbro  Karolina Grabowska Monstera Pavel Danilyuk DMC Filmes ArtHouse Studio  PressMaster Yaroslav Shuraev  MART PRODUCTION Mikhail Nilov  RODNAE Productions Pavel […]