The Syrian Mental Health Crisis: Present Findings and Future Directions

Hassan A. The Syrian mental health crisis: present findings and future directions. Harvard Public Health Review. 2019;21. Abstract The Syrian refugee crisis has displaced more than 6 million Syrian citizens and has adversely impacted the mental health of millions of people. In the seven years since the Syrian crisis began, a generation has come of […]

Why We Need Price Transparency in Healthcare

Szumigalski K. Why we need price transparency in healthcare. Harvard Public Health Review. 2019;22. As consumers, we expect to see prices before making a purchase. We would probably laugh if a store told us they could only tell us the price 4-6 weeks after we agreed to buy the item. Yet you will likely accept […]

Death, Violence, Health, and Poverty in Chicago

Fredrick III E. Death, violence, health, and poverty in Chicago. Harvard Public Health Review. Fall 2018;19. Prologue I am by any estimation the product of a privileged upbringing. My father is a physician and my mother was an educator, author, and stay at home mom. I grew up on Chicago’s south side through 6th grade […]

Gun Safety: A Call to License Arms

Kane R. Gun safety: a call to license arms. Harvard Public Health Review. Fall 2018;19. The culture of safety that has developed for automobiles has been no mistake. Decades of advocacy from a plurality of voices were required to implement the intrinsic (e.g. seatbelts and airbags) and regulatory (e.g. speed limits and blood alcohol concentration […]

Dying in the Shadows: Suicide Among the Homeless

Holleran L, Poon G. Dying in the shadows: suicide among the homeless. Harvard Public Health Review. Fall 2018;20. According to the 2017 Annual Homeless Assessment Report to Congress, conducted by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), nearly 554,000 individuals, or 17 per 10,000 people, are homeless within the U.S. on any particular […]

Climate Change: An Emergent Issue of Public Health in Peru

Bedoya F. Climate change: an emergent issue of public health in Peru. Harvard Public Health Review. Fall 2018;17. One of the most known effects of climate change is the increase in temperature of the Earth’s surface as well as its atmosphere. Scientific studies have shown that the rise in overall temperature and weather variability occurs […]

A New Way Forward: Recognizing the Importance of HIV in Controlling Tuberculosis among Canada’s Indigenous Population

Herman D. The importance of HIV in controlling tuberculosis among Canada’s indigenous population. Harvard Public Health Review. Fall 2018;20. Canada’s indigenous population (which includes the First Nations, Inuit, and Metis) suffers from startling health inequities that have been largely attributed to the persisting effects of colonization leading to poverty, overcrowding, and unemployment (Macaulay, 2009). As […]

Preventing Radicalization to Violence Through Partnerships and Collaboration

Ellis H. Preventing radicalization to violence through partnerships and collaboration. Harvard Public Health Review. Fall 2018;19. In the space of a single week in August of 2017, vehicles plowed into groups of pedestrians in two different parts of the world, purportedly in support of two different ideologies. In Barcelona, Spain, a group of young men […]