How Being a Prisoner and Patient Is Fit for Tragedy in the U.S.

Fuentes P. How being a prisoner and patient is fit for tragedy in the U.S. Harvard Public Health Review. 2021; 26. Today I write in the midst of a novel infectious enemy, and the grim shadow of a more vicious and violent opponent: racial inequality. The gruesome image of George Floyd’s deadly encounter with police […]

Misinformation, Health Equity, News Media: Application of Critical Race Theory (CRT) to Examine News Media’s Role in Normalizing Religious Bigotry

Irfan A, Sifat M, Brown Z. Misinformation, health equity, news media: application of critical race theory (CRT) to examine news media’s role in normalizing religious bigotry. Harvard Public Health Review. 2021; 26. Abstract One of the unintended consequences of infodemics is the subtle misinformation, especially through nonverbalized images, which often goes unexamined. In an age […]

Pandemic of Racism: Public Health Implications of Political Misinformation 

Irfan A, Bieniek-Tobasco A, Golembeski C. Pandemic of racism: public health implications of political misinformation. Harvard Public Health Review. 2021; 26. Abstract Misinformation amplified by political elites can lead to an increase in racism and discrimination against racial and ethnic minorities and other populations who experience vulnerabilities. Politically-motivated misinformation, as observed during the COVID-19 pandemic, […]