Modernizing the Cuban Healthcare System by Updating Medical Immigration Rules

Lopez D. Modernizing the Cuban healthcare system by updating medical immigration rules. Harvard Public Health Review. 2019;22. Cuba’s healthcare system is globally known for providing aid in medical crisis to multiple countries. It is acknowledged that the “healthcare and education are the two jewels in the Cuban crown” (Kirk 79). After hearing these flattering statements, […]

“The War on Drugs”: The Case of Bangladesh

Islam N. War on drugs: the case of Bangladesh. Harvard Public Health Review. 2019;25 Despite decades of history of failure of the “war on drugs” (Coyne & Hall, 2017), Bangladesh recently joined this controversial journey, with policies that took at least 130 lives across the country (Gupta & Pokharel, 2018). In addition, it has added […]

CVS-Aetna Merger: Benefiting Consumers’ Health, If Not Their Pocketbooks

Gallori C. CVS-Aetna merger: benefitting consumers’ health, if not their pocketbooks. Harvard Public Health Review. 2019;22 In October 2018, the Justice Department gave preliminary approval for the merger of CVS Heath, a multi-billion dollar pharmacy company, and Aetna, one of the nation’s largest health insurers, two giants in a field that is rapidly consolidating.[1.Justice Department […]

In the Time of #MeToo, Protections for Survivors Still At Risk

Graff A. In the time of #MeToo, protections for survivors still at risk. Harvard Public Health Review. 2019;22. As Dr. Christine Blasey Ford faced hostility from the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, another pivotal piece of women’s rights was under attack: the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) expired, with little indication […]

Is Advertising a Social Determinant of Health—You Bet!

Herbert-Magee S. Is advertising a social determinant of health—you bet! Harvard Public Health Review. 2019;22. As a 1980s child growing up in a drug-infested housing project, mass advertising by hospitals and insurance companies had no bearing on my community. On the airwaves, private hospitals promoted state-of-the-art facilities and rehabilitation centers.  TV commercials touted porcelain, well-heeled, […]