Bibi Chaterpateah – 1: Blog Title

Thriving Beyond By Bibi Chaterpateah Title of Blog Previous Next Why are we so quick to psychologise what we do not know? Women already have a history of not being believed. In many instances, women’s pain experience is too often ascribed to women’s catastrophising attitudes (Samulowitz, Gremyr, Eriksson, & Hensing, 2018), despite women experiencing enhanced […]

COVID-19 Is a Great Opportunity for Black Women to Reconsider Hospital Birth

Elliott R. COVID-19 is a great opportunity for Black women to reconsider hospital birth. Harvard Public Health Review. 2021; 26. “It’s been a four-year journey for us,” Bree Barry says during in an interview featured in the second installment of an ABC news series called The COVID-19 Diaries. “We knew right away [that we were […]