Naomi Fukuda shares her first-hand experience with the dental-medical divide

Oral Health and Medicine: Separate Not Equal By: Naomi Fukuda Vlog #1: Introduction to the Dental-Medical Divide and my Firsthand Experience Image from: Previous Next Images from Pexels. Video Clip Sources:  Pexels Tima Miroshnichenko cottonbro  Karolina Grabowska Monstera Pavel Danilyuk DMC Filmes ArtHouse Studio  PressMaster Yaroslav Shuraev  MART PRODUCTION Mikhail Nilov  RODNAE Productions Pavel […]

Dr. Hannah Nazri – Blog Home

Dr. Hannah Nazri, MBChB, BSc University of Oxford Dr. Hannah Nazri discusses her blog “Wanita.” About HPHR Fellow Dr. Hannah Nazri​ HPHR Fellow Dr. Hannah Nazri discusses her blog, “Wanita.” About Dr. Hannah Nazri Dr. Hannah Nazri is a medical doctor with experience in internal medicine and a DPhil candidate in Obstetrics & Gynaecology with […]