Globalization, Urbanization and COVID-19: Implications for a World All Too Connected

Johnson S. Globalization, urbanization and COVID-19: implications for a world all too connected. Harvard Public Health Review. 2021; 27. It takes approximately forty hours to circumnavigate the Earth via airplane. The fastest-moving car travels over 300 miles per hour (MPH) and NASA’s latest spacecraft is set to hit a record speed of 430,000 MPH. Since […]

A Small Allocation of the COVID-19 Vaccine Yields Critical Benefits to One-third of Americans: Prioritize School Staff and Childcare Workers

Kirwin M. A small allocation of the COVID-19 vaccine yields critical benefits to one-third of Americans: prioritize school staff and childcare workers. Harvard Public Health Review. 2021; 27. Abstract The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is anticipated to issue two Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs) for two COVID-19 vaccines by the end of 2020, along with […]

Using Internet Search Queries on the Public Health Perception of Risk Towards COVID-19 to Predict Domestic Air-Travel Volume in South Korea

Lim C, Hswen Y. Using Internet search queries on the public health perception of risk towards COVID-19 to predict domestic air-travel volume in South Korea. Harvard Public Health Review. 2021; 26. Abstract Background Estimation of future domestic air-travel volume is important for public health officials to identify potential areas of risk of COVID-19. However, information […]

Examination of Community Health Profiles with Elevated COVID-19 Morbidity and Elevated COVID-19 Mortality

Gunness, HJ. Examination of community health profiles with Elevated COVID-19 Morbidity and Elevated COVID-19 Mortality. Harvard Public Health Review. 2021; 27. Abstract The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic unexpectedly decimated poor and vulnerable communities in New York City, causing insurmountable illness and loss of life. Yet, limited information is provided on the actual health profiles of communities […]

“Stay home … Well, suppose you don’t got a home?”: The Public Health Challenges of Housing the Homeless During the COVID-19 Pandemic

McCosker L. Housing the homeless during the COVID-19 pandemic. Harvard Public Health Review. 2021; 27. “[We’re told], you know, ‘If you’re not an essential worker, stay home,’” says Marcus Moore, a man experiencing unsheltered homelessness in New York City, in a recent interview with the independent news channel Now This (2020). “Well, suppose you don’t […]

Fairness and Equality During Coronavirus

Cacace D. Fairness and equality during coronavirus. Harvard Public Health Review. 2021; 26. People are currently living in a world of uncertainty. Within a matter of weeks, the life that everyone knew has been taken from them. People are struggling to retain a semblance of normality within their daily lives as their routines are stripped […]