The Opioid Epidemic in Massachusetts: Can Current Legislation Address New Challenges?

Gumidyala S. The opioid epidemic in Massachusetts: can current legislation address new challenges? Harvard Public Health Review. 2019;22. In 2016, Massachusetts had an opioid related death rate of about 33 for every 100,000 people, one of the highest rates among all 50 states, and much higher than the national average of about 20.[1.Drug Overdose Mortality […]

The Cardiovascular Disease Epidemic: Marching Forward in India

Gupta P. The cardiovascular disease epidemic: marching forward in India. Harvard Public Health Review. Fall 2018;15. Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the largest cause of mortality in the world with around 17.7 million victims each year [1.World Health Organization. (2017). Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs). Retrieved July 29, 2018, from] CVDs include coronary heart disease, ischemic heart […]