Bibi Chaterpateah explains why maternal mental health continues to be worse in the United States

Thriving Beyond By Bibi Chaterpateah Maternal Mental Health Continues to Be Worse in the United States ​ Mental health is a significant contributor to women’s health and wellbeing, especially during pregnancy. Mental health wellbeing has severe implications for both the mother and the baby. The COVID-19 pandemic has imposed significant challenges contributing to the worsened […]

Disability, Depression, and Dogs During Covid-19: Is There a Relationship?

Molina L. Disability, depression, and dogs during Covid-19: is there a relationship? Harvard Public Health Review. 2021; 27.  Introduction Human-dog interaction has long been recognized for its therapeutic value. Studies have consistently demonstrated that physical interaction with dogs is associated with a decrease in mental health challenges such as stress, anxiety, and fear (Barcelos et al., […]