Climate Change: An Emergent Issue of Public Health in Peru

Bedoya F. Climate change: an emergent issue of public health in Peru. Harvard Public Health Review. Fall 2018;17. One of the most known effects of climate change is the increase in temperature of the Earth’s surface as well as its atmosphere. Scientific studies have shown that the rise in overall temperature and weather variability occurs […]

Urban Climate-Health Strategies: New Opportunities to Promote Health Equity

Kumar N. Urban climate-health strategies: new opportunities to promote health equity. Harvard Public Health Review. Fall 2018;17. Across North America, cities are bracing for the health impacts of a changing climate, including more intense heat, severe storms, and frequent flooding events.[1.Marinucci, G. D., Luber, G., Uejio, C. K., Saha, S., & Hess, J. J. (2014). […]