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the i-value By Javaid Iqbal Public Health and TikTok Facebook is for sharing important milestones in your life, like getting

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Dr. Hannah Nazi discusses long COVID, a post-viral condition following COVID-19 and how we must include long COVID in our pandemic response.

Disparities in Access to Oral Health Care

This vlog will talk about disparities in access to oral health care, with particular emphasis on social determinants of health.

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Thriving Beyond By Bibi Chaterpateah Maternal Mental Health Continues to Be Worse in the United States ​ Mental health is

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Lessons from Bihar By Dr. Ankit Raj Bihar and Public Health- An Introduction The peculiar events, characters, and institutions that

1800x1200 Stroke What You Need To Know Slideshow

This introductory blog post from Stuti Chakraborty talks about what is stroke, how to spot one, and stroke awareness month. Stay tuned for more to come!


A first blog post drawing from philosophy of medicine asks: is it ethical to allow people to sell a kidney to overcome poverty?

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This blog will focus on the realities of the mail-order bride business and how this form of marriage impacts the migrant brides. Also, discusses how the U.S. enforces regulations that affects the brides' overall life in their new country.

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Caring Connections of Southeast Texas By Cordella Lyon, RN Routine HIV testing should be included as a regular aspect of

Disparities in Access to Oral Health Care

Oral Health and Medicine: Separate Not Equal By: Naomi Fukuda Vlog #1: Introduction to the Dental-Medical Divide and my Firsthand

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The blog discusses how the second wave of COVID-19 exposed the existing vulnerabilities of India’s public health system.

GBD Air Pollution Deaths

What is the global burden of health degradation by air pollution? This post sets the stage for future discussions of air pollution epidemiology and policy.


"There are members of the Black community who find it difficult, at best, to believe that reversing age-old systematic oppression and trauma in healthcare is a top priority of our government.”

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Acknowledging the need for intersectional work and study is imperative in understanding how population groups can overlap and how that overlap can have just as much of an influence on one’s health outcome as their sole identity status.

Women in pain.

Dr. Hannah Nazi discusses the gender pain gap, misogyny in medicine and how we should keep our minds open with 'Persistent Physical Symptoms' diagnoses.

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