Ankit Raj introduces his blog, “Bihar and Public Health”

Rural Bihar - Image Credits: Dr. Ankit Raj

Lessons from Bihar By Dr. Ankit Raj Bihar and Public Health- An Introduction The peculiar events, characters, and institutions that will be the subject of one-half of this blog series belong to a non-descript region in the eastern part of India. Non-descript not because it has no distinct qualities, features, or people but because years […]

Ankit Raj – 1: Blog Title

Lessons from Bihar. By Ankit Raj Title of Blog Previous Next Why are we so quick to psychologise what we do not know? Women already have a history of not being believed. In many instances, women’s pain experience is too often ascribed to women’s catastrophising attitudes (Samulowitz, Gremyr, Eriksson, & Hensing, 2018), despite women experiencing […]