Edition 32 - Disasters & Pandemics

Edition 31, Disasters & Pandemics

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31 - Pandemic Fatigue

Pandemic Fatigue: A Global Challenge By Sadhika Sood and Megha Karla Citation Sood S, Karla M. Pandemic fatigue’: a global challenge Harvard

Pandemic Preparedness Strategies with an Eye on Displaced Populations in Yemen: Efforts and Challenges on Hand By Adriana Viola Miranda, Anmol Mohan,

Social Media in the Social Distancing Era: Paramount and Pitfall By Samuel R. Raine and Nafisa Choudhury Citation Raine S, Choudhury N.

2018 Attica Wildfires: The Intersection of Governance Failures and Climate Change By Georgia Christakis Citation Christakis G. 2018 Attica Wildfires: The Intersection

Attitudes and Knowledge Towards Immunization in Tuzla Canton Population By Indira Efendić, Ilma Ahmetagić, Nedim Srabović, Adnan Mujanović, Suad Sivić, Raza Smajić,

Why Do International Organizations Fail in Responding to Epidemics? An Analysis of State Incentives Through the Lens of International Organizations By Samantha

Anti-Vaxxers, Wealth, and Individualism: How Self-Perception may Explain the Immunization Divide By Amrita Krishnan Citation Krishnan A. Anti-vaxxers, wealth, and individualism: how

Is It Time for Artificial Intelligence to Invade Personal Privacy, for Pandemic Control? By Ronald Chow Citation Chow R. Is it Time

An Institutional Solution to Build Trust in Pandemic Vaccines By Yaniv Heled, Ana Santos Rutschman, and Liza Vertinsky Citation Heled Y, Santos

Insidious Vectors of Disease: Legacies of Conspiracy, Misinformation, Distrust in the Propagation of Infectious Disease. An Examination of Ebola, HIV/AIDS, and Covid-19

Preventing Pandemics and Containing Disease: A Proposed Symptoms-Based Syndromic Surveillance System By Aaron Schmid Citation Schmid A. Preventing pandemics and containing disease:

Serving Refugees in a Pandemic: Insights from Yezidis in the Midwest By Rashoka F, Kelley M, & Garcia M. Citation Rashoka F,

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